We are guests in your home and so behave in the appropriate manner

We are acutely aware of the stress caused by construction work in your home and the invasion of privacy associated with this. Items that contribute mostly to construction stress are costs, finishes, dust and noise pollution.


We list every material and fixture that will be installed in your remodelling or renovation project. Our aim is to provide you with as many options as necessary, so that you can make the decision for yourself. This also gives you maximum control over the final cost of the project.
We eliminate unexpected fees or surprises as far as possible. Any extra changes/additions will be done only after client confirmed approval, no nasties at the end.


We believe that it is not enough for our personnel to simply know how to do the work – we expect them to be trained, qualified, and certified according to national industry standards. We also believe in the 1000 hour concept of proficiency. All our trade subcontractors will fall within this.


We work to minimize dust and noise pollution to lowest level possible.
Dust Mitigation is managed through the use of Festool hand tools with attached vacuum. We implement negative pressure working rooms where possible or required. This includes screening off work areas from the rest of the house. In severe circumstances we will use air scrubbers to remove all micro airborne dust particles.
At the end of the construction, we employ a post-construction project cleaning specialist company to get the work areas back to living standard.